Having a robber entering your house can be frightening and devastating. It’s not always easy to know how your body will respond if it is in fight or flight mode. In this blog post, our security company in Fourways has gathered tips that you should be aware of in the event that a robber enters your premises or house. We know they can save a life:

  1. Robbers typically launch their attacks from the backdoor (normally kitchen doors) because these doors usually aren’t fortified. Get good doors for your kitchen. Crossbars behind your door, or a ‘burglar proof’ security door behind the doors within your house, have become a necessity in many Gauteng neighbourhoods. Never leave the keys to your security door inside the lock. Where possible, use a padlock in addition to the keys. The purpose is to make it as difficult as possible for the robbers to enter into the house and to buy you time to call somebody for help.
  2. When you hear someone breaking your door(s), unless you are absolutely sure your actions will prevent entry into the house, don’t try to be a hero by pushing back behind the door. It is possible that the burglars are armed and they could shoot you through the door. Don’t put heavy items like freezers or furniture up against the doors, as this could anger them and lead them to be more violent when they are able to push through the doors.
  3. If you sleep without clothes or with minimal clothing, dress up as soon as you hear them. For the women, especially, don’t stay in your nighties or gown – wear trousers and an ugly top.
  4. If you call someone for help, keep your phone out of sight as you don’t want it to be known that you’ve done so.
  5. Look for your main power switch and plunge the building into darkness (it disorients burglars and may lead them to run away).
  6. If the robbers manage to enter, give them whatever they want. Don’t hide anything. Don’t try to be a hero or to negotiate with them.
  7. Don’t look at them directly (or don’t let them see you doing so). If you know any of them, don’t show any signs of recognition or use their names. If you are able to, memorise whatever features you can to help with identification and the investigation.
  8. When they finally leave your house, do not chase after them.
  9. Be your neighbour’s keeper and if you hear any break-ins at their house, call the police for assistance.
  10. When robbers enter your compound, do not put on any lights in your room. Put on the outside lights but keep the inside lights totally off so that the robbers do not see you.

Residential guarding and security can give you the peace of mind you need. Contact RSS Security for more information about off-site monitoring and security solutions today.

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