The retail industry is a high-value target for criminals. And, because many retail spaces are inadequately guarded, these spaces face serious risks, including theft and the threat of violence towards customers and staff during instances of criminal activity.

Many of these risks can be mitigated by properly training security guards to take note of risks and to take action to deter criminals from targeting retail spaces. Properly trained security guard services can also protect retail businesses from threats posed by fire or power outages, and can be a valuable first line of response in emergency situations.

How Do Trained Security Guards Manage Risks?

Properly trained security teams can effectively prevent risks by being vigilant and reporting on vulnerabilities in the security system. When a protocol is established for reporting problems, the security team can assess risk factors and address them before a criminal can exploit these weaknesses.

Risk-Managing Activities 

Risk managing activities include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Being vigilant and thorough when patrolling and reporting possible security breaches.
    • Remaining aware of people who are on the premises to ensure that no unauthorised persons enter the property.
    • Investigating suspicious activity.
    • Establishing a visible presence without infringing on the rights of staff or visitors. Criminals may seek out weaknesses in security and can often be deterred by a strong security presence.
    • Acting quickly when a risk situation occurs. This ranges from stopping and detaining criminals until local law enforcement arrives to assisting with the first response in case of emergencies.
    • Handling technology and other risk deterrents effectively. This includes the correct handling of equipment such as access cards, security cameras and visitor logs.
    • Proper and legal handling of firearms.

Many Cheap Options Pose a Security Risk

There are many cheap options when it comes to choosing a security guard agency. But, the possibility of loss should always be factored into the choice. Can your company afford the risk of contracting a negligent agency with untrained guards?

If you need to improve your risk management strategy, your security agency is the best place to start. For retail guarding solutions suitable to your retail business, contact RSS Security Services today.

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