Home security is one of the top concerns in today’s modern society. Tough economic times coupled with a large amount of violent crimes have led many home owners to turn to specialised security companies.

Whether you are interested in installing a state-of-the-art home security system or just looking for a few home security tips, these are the top security tips you simply can’t do without.

Home Security tips you can’t do without

  1. Leaving a key in the door: If you have a window close to the door (or glass panels in the door), then leaving the key in the door after it has been locked is a very bad idea. The glass can be broken and criminals can easily gain access into your home. Make sure you remove your keys from the doors once you are inside.
  2. Emergency numbers: Try to keep a copy of emergency numbers on your cell phone and close to the home phones. These should include contact numbers for the police, ambulance, your security company and fire department.
  3. Lost and stolen keys: If a family member loses a set of house keys or if the keys are stolen, it is always a good idea to have all the locks changed.
  4. Install an alarm system: An alarm system is very important as its motion sensors will trigger the alarm when a window or door is opened or there is any suspicious movement after the alarm is set.
  5. Locking doors and closing windows: Keeping your doors locked when they are not in use is a good habit to have. If you do not have any burglar bars on your windows then you should close them at night and when leaving the home. This is applicable even if they are not on the ground floor.
  6. Install panic buttons: Panic buttons are an essential part of home security. They provide a way of alerting your security company when there is an emergency at the home.
  7. Install surveillance: Visible surveillance cameras are an excellent way of discouraging a break in as criminals will see that your home is not vulnerable or an easy target.
  8. Door locks: Installing deadbolt door locks on all your doors is inexpensive and they are a great addition to your home security system.
  9. Security gates and burglar bars: One of the essential security solutions for any type of property is security gates and burglar bars.
  10. Fire alarms: Fire and smoke alarms are a crucial part of any home security system. They will warn any occupants of the home if there is a fire as well as notify the necessary authorities.

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