The RSS Security’s School and Campus Security Division

The safety of our children is priority number one. Unfortunately, we live in a time when we can no longer be 100% sure that our kids are protected, even when they are in school. It is for this reason that RSS Security has recently opened a School and Campus division.

What is the Goal of Our School & Campus Security Division?

This particular division at RSS Security focuses on helping schools to create and maintain a reliable, safe and secure environment – primarily for the benefit of the students, but also for the teachers. We serve both government and private schools from pre-primary to university. This service encompasses far more than simply stationing guards at the schools or on campus. It also includes:

CCTV Monitoring:

This enables our staff to pick up on potential threats quickly so that they are able to act immediately.

Access Control:

Our team will keep a close eye on who is entering and exiting the premises. This not only includes during regular school hours, but also after-hours or over weekends when there are events being held on the school/campus grounds.

Drug Searches:

Drugs have become a shocking epidemic in local schools, often leading to an increase in criminal activity in relation to the campus. Our trained sniffer dogs and security personnel will conduct regular searches in order to uncover drugs and deal with the situation accordingly.


Our staff can assist with thorough vetting processes when it comes to hiring new teachers, coaches, etc. We utilise various systems to identify any criminal record, including sexual offences.

Awareness Talks:

We will host frequent awareness talks and workshops to assist in ensuring that learners and teachers are always prepared and know how to maximise their safety – both on and off the campus or school grounds.

Priority Treatment:

We have a close partnership with ER24, thus ensuring all children, staff and visitors receive priority treatment in the event of a medical emergency.

For more information about our school and campus security services, be sure to get in touch with RSS Security today.

Happy Customers

“We live in Phase 2 and aren’t too familiar with the roads in Phase One. My mum had to drop something off at a house in Phase One last night, and so she asked the guards for directions. The guards asked her to pull over, and in a few minutes one of the security…”

Allison Dike

“My wife and I were attacked by what at the time was known as the axe gang working the Paulshoff area. Not even a member of the RSS they were the first to Assist me. So I joined. It has been quiet for the last three year, but three days ago some thieves broke into…”


“While most, if not all of the security team at Tinza are very competent and perform their duties well, I just wanted to take the time to single out a couple of guards who, in my opinion, really stand out. Johnson (whom I haven’t seen in a little while) and Mashudu know…”

Andrew Pittendrigh



At RSS, we ensure our customers experience a totally professional service offering and ultimately genuine peace of mind. Contact us today for more information.

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