Our team of security contractors uses the latest technology to keep homes and businesses safe. Here is an overview of the state-of-the-art security solutions we provide to residential and commercial clients in Gauteng:

Integrated Security Operation And Workforce Management Software

RSS Security uses eeziFone, an integrated security operation and workforce management software system that offers the most advanced software suite for security officer tracking, monitoring and managing. It provides information in real-time to managing agents, guards, trustees and other clients that empower them to report, action and managing everything on their property that is important to them. All of the information is stored in the cloud with a GPS location and time stamp, making it easy to access information in real-time from anywhere.

Drone Security

While many businesses and residences in Gauteng have been equipped with CCTV cameras, the stationary position of the surveillance cameras means that the security monitoring efforts are limited. While helicopters are a good alternative, it is very expensive.

It is for this reason that RSS Security offers drone surveillance. These unmanned aircraft systems facilitate fast, easy and cost-effective data collection. Not only can they be equipped with night vision cameras and heat sensors, but they can also get into confined spaces, produce little noise and can facilitate access to information that would not be available otherwise.

Off-Site Monitoring

Our off-site monitoring fits seamlessly with many CCTV/IPV recording devices. Our off-site team will monitor and detect threats before they become problems in your business. Whether you need to increase the surveillance of specific areas such as generators, street parking or access points, or whether you want a holistic detection solution that covers everything from guard houses to electric fences, we can create a solution that meets your needs.

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