Highly Technical Home Security Systems

We boast a full technical service department, available to install home security systems, fire alarm, panic and perimeter systems to secure your family. All monitored systems are linked to our control centres, manned by professional controllers who are always ready to dispatch the appropriate response. Biometrics, movement control, number plate and facial recognition systems are available for your business security.

RSS Security Services utilizes a tailor-made internet based software program that has been developed to deal with all aspects of the security industry. From our office staff to our reaction teams with laptops and 3G cards, all have access to one database for efficient management and special operations.

Keep Crime at Bay with Our Home Alarm Systems and Perimeter Security

With crime constantly on the increase, home alarm systems and perimeter security have become integral parts of home security.

Crime evolves at a fast rate and criminals are constantly developing tactics to bypass perimeter security systems. It is therefore important for clients to keep up with technological advancements in this area. It is also important to have your alarm system assessed every five years and to check your signals after electrical storms and power failures to ensure the proper functioning of your system.

At RSS, we offer top of the range home security camera systems that include physical security barriers, security systems, wireless CCTV cameras and access control installation.


Keep Your Home Safe with Our Home Security Camera Systems

The shocking child abuse video viewed on Facebook more than 30 million times worldwide and the horrific episode on Carte Blanche on Sunday 11th January 2015, has increased the demand for nanny cams and internal home security cameras. We offer installation of internal and external house camera systems that can be monitored remotely via your Smartphone or PC. This alleviates the stress of having to remember to watch the video when returning home. The external cameras are waterproof and there are options for night vision cameras. This kit will give you peace of mind while you are at work that your children are being cared for appropriately or that your house is secure when you are away on holiday.

If you are looking for an advanced technical security system supplier please do Contact us right away and take advantage of our excellent home security services.

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Happy Customers

“We live in Phase 2 and aren’t too familiar with the roads in Phase One. My mum had to drop something off at a house in Phase One last night, and so she asked the guards for directions. The guards asked her to pull over, and in a few minutes one of the security…”

Allison Dike

“My wife and I were attacked by what at the time was known as the axe gang working the Paulshoff area. Not even a member of the RSS they were the first to Assist me. So I joined. It has been quiet for the last three year, but three days ago some thieves broke into…”


“While most, if not all of the security team at Tinza are very competent and perform their duties well, I just wanted to take the time to single out a couple of guards who, in my opinion, really stand out. Johnson (whom I haven’t seen in a little while) and Mashudu know…”

Andrew Pittendrigh



At RSS, we ensure our customers experience a totally professional service offering and ultimately genuine peace of mind. Contact us today for more information.

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