RSS Security Services, a security company in Fourways, Johannesburg, has formed a partnership with two other security companies – Tactical Guarding and TRSS Reaction – as well as Mrs Personality Megon Schutte and her husband Ryno Schutte, on a campaign called #StandUnitedSA. The aim of the campaign is to unite South Africans in the struggle against gender-based violence, one of the most pressing social problems faced by our country.

This is by no means an exclusive campaign – those of us who have committed to it are extending an open invitation to other security companies, individuals and organisations to join us in enhancing the safety of women and children across South Africa.

This partnership is a first in South Africa and has been pioneered by the three security companies to provide a safe haven for women and children in need of a sanctuary in a moment of urgency.

All guards, reaction officers, control room officers and members of management will receive special training to deal with incidents of bullying and gender-based violence.

Gender-based violence is a scourge in South Africa and it is something that must be addressed head-on as a matter of wider social importance, rather than one that plays out in fear and silence behind closed doors. Currently, the crimes that fall under this description are woefully under-reported. It is estimated that in the region of 80% of domestic abuse incidents are never reported to authorities. This is due to the violence usually being committed by someone close to the victim, the sense of shame that affected women and children carry, the prevalence of these crimes in rural areas that do not have any supportive infrastructure to turn to, and the fear of reprisals if they speak out.

Campaign goals

The #StandUnitedSA campaign has the following objectives:

  • Guards at estates and complexes will be trained to identify domestic incidents and launch emergency calls via our control room or online platform
  • SAPS, EMS and Social Services will be dispatched, depending on the severity of the situation.
  • A concerted campaign will be launched to spread awareness about gender-based violence and the options that are available to victims.
  • On a broader scale, the aim is to bring all South Africans together to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.
  • Finally, we plan to create safe zones in our geographical footprint for the general public.

Please follow Mrs. Personality Megon Schutte, StandUnitedSA, RSS Security Services, Tactical Guarding and TRSS Reaction on social media, we would appreciate your support in pioneering this initiative with us. We also invite any corporates who are interested in joining our campaign to contact us.

Contact RSS Security, the leading security company in Fourways, for more information on this initiative, or to ask us about our various guarding, alarm and armed response services.

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