RSS Security Services is proud to announce that the already legendaryRAID division has just been expanded even further ….

We have upgraded and enlarged our current RAID division with the inclusion of an additional 6 ex Special Forces Operatives. These guys specialise in tracking, surveillance and the apprehension of suspects as well as a host of other useful crime fighting skills. They join our existing RAID division and we welcome their expertise and enthusiasm in the fight against crime.

Our RAID Team acts as back-up to our existing Armed Reaction, Guarding and other services, as well as participating in specific Special Operations often in conjunction with the SAPS. RAIDconsists of highly trained operatives equipped with the latest in skills, weapons and specialised devices to aid in the detection and apprehension of serious criminals. All RAID members go through highly intensive physical as well as tactical training and each member is evaluated every six months. Ongoing training and live simulation keep the teams motivated and ready for any eventuality!

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