William Nicol is a hotspot for criminal activity such as hi-jackings and smash-and-grabs. RSS security, in collaboration with Phil McDiarmid from Nashua Centra, OSM, and TRSS, are taking action to make this part of Fourways safer for its residents.

After Phil launched a website to investigate the crime on William Nicol Road, it was determined that crime interventions were needed on William Nicol as well as Leslie Road. RSS Security installed industry-leading ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) on these roads so that RSS Security’s team can be alerted of criminals in the area. The security cameras are linked to state-of-the-art software that alerts security teams and the SAPS so that criminals can be apprehended before they are able to commit a crime.

The introduction of these cameras should be the start of a turning point against crime in Fourways. The interception of these criminals and stolen vehicles as they enter Fourways will make a major impact on the community.

“We hope to see a huge reduction in smash and grabs, hijackings and other crimes in the area. Thereby making for a safer environment for business and residents,” Phil McDiarmid told Blueheart.Africa.

RSS Security’s CEO, Brett Fisher, has lived in Fourways for over thirty years and he has four boys, the eldest of which attends Fourways High with some of his former teachers. Brett says that Fourways has been hit by a big crime wave and that he hopes to see more businesses, residential estates, and the broader community supporting the initiative to fight crime in the area.

“I would like them to engage with Nashua and OSM or ourselves to get on board with cameras and OSM so we can blanket the entire area and get the crime under control – as mentioned, we have the technology at our fingertips – let’s use it and make Fourways a great place for our families to grow up in,” says Brett.

This is just one of the many ways that RSS supports and protects their community. If you need residential or commercial security services, contact us today.

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