Electricity has become very expensive, leading many South Africans to look for ways to save electricity as well as cut their electricity bill and save money. One of the best ways of doing this would be by installing an energy efficient geyser device that will turn your geyser into an electricity saving geyser.

Not only will an energy saving geyser device save you money, but it also offers the following benefits:

  1. Leak Detection: The energy saving geyser device offered by RSS Security is equipped with an alarm and a leak detection feature. The alarm is triggered when there is a leak present. You would then be able to attend to the leak before it wastes a huge amount of water or causes major damages to the property.
  2. Temperature Control: You may remotely control the temperature of your geyser and change it according to your needs. For example, your geyser’s temperature setting would be a bit cooler in the summer than it would be in the winter months.
  3. Set a geyser activation schedule: This feature lets you set activation and deactivation schedules for your geyser. For example, you can choose to set the device so that the energy efficient geyser is activated and switched on one hour before you wake up, and then deactivate two hours after that when you have left for work.
  4. Energy savings: This device, once attached to your geyser, would result in a saving of up to 30% of your electricity usage and bill.

How RSS Security Services can help you?

RSS Security Services is now installing this energy saving geyser device free of charge should you choose to partner with them in this green initiative. Clients would then be able to enjoy significant savings on their electricity bills as well as RSS armed response services without actually adding to their monthly expenditure seeing as the cost of the RSS security service would be cancelled out by the savings that this energy efficient geyser device will provide.

Contact RSS Security for an energy efficient geyser device today!

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