R2,000,000,000 bank heist!

That’s quite a jump from the last big South African bank heist of R400,000 that happened 40 years ago in Krugersdorp. The criminals are better dressed too!

Still, it’s almost insignificant compared to the amounts “lost” by SOEs and municipalities. Imagine where we could have been without all that. So much more could have been done to reduce unemployment and poverty.

The great news is that change is in the air. Slowly the people responsible for these disasters who were once untouchable are now being removed from their positions and are being replaced. I’m encouraged by these changes and remain optimistic about the future of our great country. There is growing political excitement about the upcoming elections. Let’s hope that following these elections the new government will tackle these problems with increased determination, urgency and effectiveness.

An encouraging start has been made but there is also a fightback which must not be allowed to prevail. How much of a storm is brewing remains to be seen. For now, let’s learn to dance in the rain!

In our neighbourhoods, crime has increased and is not yet showing any signs of reducing. We all need to take personal responsibility for our families and homes by being more aware of the risks, modifying our behaviour to avoid those risks, regularly checking our technical equipment and beefing up our defences. Effective perimeter security is important. Locked gates, electric fences and outdoor beams are good deterrents and give you more me to react against any attempt to get into your house or to reach you. Regularly making sure that these perimeter defences are working is vital; particularly in complexes and estates.

The Fourways area is growing like topsy and is certainly the ‘New North’. The Fourways Mall will become the second largest in South Africa with 175,000sm of retail space. In the greater Fourways area, there are expectations and plans to build 40,000 additional household units over the next 20 years. Add to that the further development of Lanseria Airport, including a Gautrain station linked to a station in Fourways and on into the rest of the Gautrain network and you have an ambitious and impressive development plan.

All this exciting growth will, of course, create opportunities for criminal networks to up their game – security companies need to stay ahead of the criminals by continuing to find more effective ways to combine technology and manpower to keep them out of our areas.

As always RSS is at the forefront of deploying new technology to fight crime. We have successfully used drones in a limited way over the last few years. In that time drone technology has advanced significantly and now incorporates artificial intelligence software. We are looking at an exciting partnership with a well-known company that supplies military specification drones worldwide. The software in these drones is mind-boggling; this will be a game changer in our quest to fight crime. We are hoping to sign agreements in the New Year and for our control room to have fully trained Drone Pilots to assist us where appropriate.

For those of you lucky enough to be going on holiday, travel safe and let’s look forward to 2019!


Nicole Capper, Mrs South Africa 2018, to Take Back The Street

“As a victim of violent crime myself, I have joined forces with RSS Security to take a stand. Who is with me?” Nicole challenged her followers on social media.


RSS Security services together with Nicole Capper Mrs. South Africa 2018 got together to create awareness for the fight against crime in the Fourways area. RSS Security services also supported Nicole when she took the challenge of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in support of the “Caring for girls” charity on Woman’s day.




Mandela day 2018 – The staff from RSS Security services decided that due to some icy cold mornings we had been experiencing lately that it would be a good idea to hand out gloves for children. The team spent the day deliver- ing pairs of warm gloves to kids in the rural and township areas. We visited 6 different nursery schools in Cosmo City, Bloubosrand, Diepsloot and Zandspruit. It was a day to remember as every child was so happy to see us and grateful for their gloves and giving back for Madiba was a true success!


CCTV camera with infrared illuminator


Fellow Craigavon Residents,
I would love to be able to come home to a crime-free suburb. Would you? It’s with great excitement that I get to announce and be part of an initiative that, with your support, will achieve just that.

Everyone who lives in and visits our suburb will benefit. Whether you rent or own, to arrive in Craigavon will be to leave rampant crime behind. For those of you that own property – you can expect property values to increase once all phases are rolled out. This solution has been tried and tested in other suburbs we look after and it works!

To kick-start the initiative Nashua has agreed to invest in Craigavon by installing the initial phase of high-end IP cameras with full analytics including Automa c Number Plate Recogni on to cover all entry and exit points of our suburb.

Why Nashua? Nashua has entered the surveillance market to supply, install, maintain and finance CCTV cameras for estates and businesses – not only do they do all of that but they also provide full connectivity with fibre or wireless throughout the country and internationally. Nashua has also partnered with OSM – a high-end Offsite Monitoring Company that specializes in monitoring cameras on roads, estates and businesses – this is the future of security. Nashua will generously cover the costs of the hardware for Phase 1.

The best security solutions are the product of a team effort. In this case Nashua, RSS Security Services, TRSS Reaction, Lew Geffen/Sotheby’s, OSM, and most importantly, YOU! With your active support, we can drive crime out of Craigavon. I have put together a team that includes Nashua and OSM who would like to meet with all 65 estates in Craigavon to enlist your support and identify how you can assist to get our suburb to the end.

Whether you are prepared to donate power, a fibre connection or get on board with additional cameras, we need to talk to you! Is that all Nashua and OSM will be doing to help with your security? Do we have a problem with smash and grab along William Nicol? Once again, Nashua will generously cover all costs for the initial roll out which will include ANPR cameras + others at the intersection of Leslie and William Nicol, OSM will monitor them at no charge.

Thank You!

Please can I ask that all residents, complexes and estates in Craigavon get behind this initiative and support all the associated service providers namely: Nashua Central, RSS Security Services, OSM, TRSS Reaction and Lew Geffen/Sotheby’s. RSS Security Services is offering a FREE comprehensive risk analysis to all estates and can structure a financial deal that includes guarding, armed response, cameras and OSM. Your cameras will plug into the Craigavon network and will all be monitored by OSM so that we can coordinate with the relative security company’s one message for when criminal activity happens in the area.

Please contact Sam – pa@rss-group.co.za, 0861 999 778 (ext 226) at RSS Security Services for more information on this exciting initiative and to be part of the solution for our area, together we can move crime out of the Craigavon area.


Download December 2018 Quarterly Newsletter.pdf

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