A word from the CEO

CEOI have said it in previous newsletters and I keep reminding myself and the people I talk to, we South Africans are a proud, resilient and tough nation! We have a strong constitution and an effective judiciary and we will always win. The Zupta’s have fallen, hero to zero and we proudly have a new leader, President Ramaphosa. I believe he is a ‘man with a plan’ and will be good for our country. Already he has re-ignited hope and appointed credible people to tackle the key issues that have dragged us down. And he is promoting unity and calling on all of us to join him in further developing our rainbow nation for the benefit of all. There will be hurdles to jump and maybe some setbacks to overcome but together we can triumph over all the challenges and be proud of our achievements.

Amongst other things we hope for a significant improvement in the effectiveness of our criminal justice system, including more effective policing. Crime is still out of control. It’s hard to keep up with all the incidents and the videos that are constantly being posted on social media. Quite depressing and way too close to home but it’s a reality and we need to deal with it.

We are keen to help you, our customer, to improve your security by working with you to develop a technical roll-out plan. Implementation to occur over the next few years as and when your budget allows. A simple electric fence and 1 guard at the gate can’t keep the criminals out. The 2 Golden rules to securing your estate are to have good access control and effective perimeter security.

Your priority should be to invest in these two areas and then to add as many layers of security as possible. A well maintained electric fence that is constantly tested for correct voltage, has fixed earth loops, spikes, beams and IP cameras monitored at an Offsite Control Room that uses analytical software is a good solution. This gives you both a physical barrier and an early warning system designed to prevent the crime by taking action before anything happens. Talk to us, we are more than happy to give you advice and to look at ways to finance these solutions for you.

We also have solutions for your guards, estate managers and regular contractors to use so that you, as trustees / Directors or business owners can receive professional reports. You can also use the solution to make your life easier whilst still having your finger on the pulse by establishing links to residents and other interested parties. More detail on this solution is available separately in this newsletter.

Last bit of news from me; we are proud to have launched a new business entity – RSS Commercial PTY LTD. We have partnered with Afribiz Investments PTY LTD to form this new company which is a BBBEE Level 2 Company that will serve the Commercial and Government sectors. The management team that will lead this company has a wealth of experience in the security industry and will provide a premium service to the Commercial and Government sectors. The technology and guarding solutions that RSS Commercial offers are designed to help the bigger companies to improve their security at a reduced cost. Look out for us in the press and on various social media pages.

That’s all from me, stay safe and thank you for your loyal support to the RSS family.

Afribiz held their Christmas party as well as the launch of RSS COMMERCIAL at the popular Wishbone cafe in Sandton, RSS Security services were on hand to provide guarding to all that attended.

RSS - Afribiz christmas party

Trends and Tips

Be vigilant of your surroundings

The South African Police Service is quoted as saying that a person’s driveway is the most dangerous place in South Africa. This is a sweeping statement that they reinforce with the statistics of hijacking, murders and robberies outside homes. Whilst access control procedures at gates assist in averting some threats they cannot counter every threat to our Clients.

This does not mean that Clients should let down their guard at home or whilst coming home. Too many Clients find out that petty theft is a factor to consider even inside a complex or estate. While the instances are few and far between some Clients still leave their cars unlocked in their driveways and carports and worse still some leave their houses standing open.

Similarly it is a fact that most criminal incidents occur within a 4km range of one’s home. Various experts’ debate why this occurs but the fact remains that Clients should not feel any sense of safety until they are within their homes. This includes being at the gates of the complex or estate, follow home crimes are committed against perceived soft targets, mothers with children are prime examples of a soft target as most moms will ensure the safety of their children over their vehicles or belongings.

The question that begs asking then is how do you stay safe on the roads so you can get home? Here are some tips to bear in mind out on the streets (there are many more but these sums most of them up):

  • Don’t flash cash – most cash will be untraceable after a robbery and is immediately disposable by legitimate means.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Simple statement but a little more complicated to put into practice. Do not focus on one thing to the exclusion of the rest of your surroundings. Remember that we live in a 360-degree environment.
  • Take note of what is happening in your rearview mirror. If the same car has been following you for the last three kilometres chances are they could be up to mischief.
  • Try where possible to vary your route. Try to take other roads to work or home to ensure that your routine does not become the criminals’ advantage

If you believe you are being followed do not go directly home. Call the emergency control room number. They will dispatch the reaction units to your complex or estate and assist you to combat the threat.

Discretion is always better than Valor particularly when it saves your life.

Thabo MayaRSS would like to commend Thabo Maya on his excellent guarding service and taking his job seriously at one of our retail sites.

We commend him on his bravery in planning and executing an arrest which took place on site. The suspect had committed numerous thefts from vehicles until Thabo began to notice his actions and movements and together with Midrand SAPS they successfully arrested the suspect.

Thabo prides himself in his proactive work and is always ensuring the safety of the customer’s, their property as well as the tenants of the centre.

Thank you Thabo for your great work and for being such an asset to the RSS family.


Scene Assist

Our state of the art

Control Centre

RSS supplies Offsite Monitoring & Virtual Guarding utilizing state of the art monitoring software and the latest IP cameras. This allows a 24-hour control room to monitor your estate using analytical software to highlight potential problems 24 hours a day. On identifying a potential problem the control room immediately dispatches an armed response team to deal with the threat.

Offsite monitoring

We have the ability to watch over your entrance/access control, perimeter walls, internal streets and any high-risk areas. We will ensure an SLA is in place for any IT and maintenance.

Various colours for virtual present zones and virtual tripwires displayed via software and IP cameras in a control room allowing us to monitor anyone or anything that triggers the alarms.

offsite monitoring app

New Sites for 2018

We are happy to welcome our new clients. We are looking forward to making sure your people and assets will be looked after.

  • Mount street Manor
  • The Manor
  • Fernbrook Estate
  • BRM – Barbeque Ribs Manufacturer
  • Erand Close
  • Kwela Close
  • Noordwyk SPAR
  • Reddam Waterfall
  • Epson

new sites for 2018

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