Whether you are hosting an extravagant VIP concert, a formal conference or a casual golf day, event security is a must. Not only does it ensure that all your guests are safe, but it can even build your brand on the day.

Large events can be a magnet for criminal activity and terrorist attacks. If there are crowds of people gathering for an event that your company is hosting, you want to minimise the risk of everything from pick-pocketing and criminals harassing attendees to hawkers and unwanted guests. As the event organiser, it is up to you to assess the safety of your people and mitigate any potential safety risks.

One unwanted consequence of criminal activity is the negative media attention that it can draw to your brand. Reputational risk is something that you want to carefully consider when hosting an event. At RSS Security, our team of experienced security guards can create a visible presence to deter criminals, keep an eye on guests and ensure a safe internal environment for all involved.

Not only do our security guys keep a hawk’s eye on all proceedings, but they can also ensure that when people exit en masse, that they do so orderly so that no havoc is caused at the entrance and exits. We will stay at the venue post-event to ensure that no damage is caused to your sound equipment and belongings, and we can also have a team of security guards stay nearby VIP guests. Security guards can also watch over vehicles and incoming traffic to make sure that cars aren’t tampered with.

With crime no doubt being on the minds of the general public, it is essential that you hire reputable event security specialists. Contact RSS Security, a leading event security company in Johannesburg, for more information today.

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