Having Perimeter problems? We have the solutions.

There are 2 Golden Rules to Security for Estates, Complexes and suburbs:
  1. Access Control:
    Make sure you have sufficient lighting, early warning detection for visitors, cameras with analytics and if in an estate, access control technology to monitor and pull statistics for entry and exit.
  2. Perimeter:
    Make sure you have a well maintained electric fence and check the voltage is sufficient. Criminals generally come under fences and not over them so make sure you have anti-lift brackets on the wires. Spikes and electric fences are physical deterrents – also make sure the fence is linked to an armed response company. Beams and cameras with analytics monitored by an offsite control room acts as an early warning detection to alert the armed response while the criminal is still thinking about breaking in…

For more on our solutions on your perimeter problems,  download our brochure or contact RSS Security asap.

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