Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality provides an opportunity for guarding companies such as RSS to better help our clients to understand their security risks and what more they can do to improve their security.

Need a risk analysis done?

Our security specialist will provide you with a quote on your specific security needs. After you have viewed all your options and signed the quote, we will implement your new security solution as stipulated by your new contract. Our friendly team is eager to receive any communication from our clients.

RSS Security Services

As a reputable security services provider we believe that our integrity and ethics need to remain above reproach at all times and that our reputation is our most valuable asset.

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Contact us now for a Risk Analysis on your estate or commercial property with a 3 to 5 year rollout plan and financing options.

Having Perimeter problems? We have the solutions.

2 Golden Rules to Security for Estates, Complexes and suburbs:

Our Services

We have an extremely focused range of security services specializing in Residential and Commercial guarding. RSS embraces technology and we ensure that our customers receive the correct advice on how to combine technology with manpower to ensure that your property’s access control, perimeter and security management runs smoothly.

Guarding: Commercial

  • Industrial Services
  • Office Buildings
  • Business Estates

Guarding: Home/Residential

  • Guarding Estates and Suburb security specialists
  • Road Closure Specialists
  • Event Security

Technical Services

  • Security Systems
  • Alarms and Perimeter Security
  • Nanny Cam and Home Security Cameras

Our Guarantees

Staff Replacement

We guarantee to replace any staff member on your site if you are not satisfied. Our staff are well trained in service excellence, however, if you are not pleased with a staff member we follow the necessary procedures to ensure you are equipt with guards that lives up to your standards.

PSIRA Trained

We guarantee that all our employees are PSIRA trained, registered, compliant and remunerated staff members. Ensuring SD6 compliance is important in order for guards to feel valued through fair remuneration.

Free Service

We guarantee that if any crime is committed on site, the shift is for free (If it was preventable and the client addressed the whole risk assessment).

Quarterly Report

We guarantee a quarterly risk assessment report. To ensure that your perimeter security measure are current is important to staying abreast of criminal trends and advancements. A quarterly risk assessment will provide you with a full security analysis to assist you with making informed decisions.

Guarding Alert Module

We guarantee a unique guarding alert module which activates every 15 minutes in order to make sure that guards are alert and engaged while on duty.


We guarantee to repair all RSS owned equipment on site within 24hours. Being able to reduce downtime on equipment significantly improves security risks.

Happy Customers

“This morning, in Sharonlea, we had a false alarm, the RSS security guard in the area- Mike was very quick to respond. He was professional and courteous. I was very impressed with his service.”


Since inception of Lonehill Village in 2003 RSS has been Lonehill Village Estate Security Provider.

I have no hesitation in recommending them as a service provider………


I chair two complexes and thus have similar and different experiences in both but I can indeed state that RSS regardless of those experiences in each complex have delivered per the SLA and sometimes beyond.
Security remains a priority and having a trusted partner is essential to ensure that you provide that……..

Morne Hugo



At RSS, we ensure our customers experience a totally professional service offering and ultimately genuine peace of mind. Contact us today for more information.

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