RSS has noticed an increased demand from commercial properties and estates that are looking to improve their security whilst driving down security budgets and costs. We believe the primary reason for the cost-saving drive is due to the tough economic climate and significant developments in connectivity.

How do we decrease or at least maintain our current budget while remaining with a fully compliant and legal security company? It’s time to get smart and embrace technology. Depending on the size of your guarding compliment, there are ways to decrease your manpower and use technology to do Virtual Patrols and Offsite Monitoring. This is all part of the various ‘Layers’ you need to protect yourselves.

We utilize the latest Monitoring Software and IP cameras, which allow RSS to monitor the property using analytical software to highlight potential problems 24 hours a day. On identifying a potential problem our control room immediately dispatches an armed response team to deal with the threat before the actual crime happens.

RSS has the ability to monitor your entrance/access control, perimeter walls and potential ‘hotspots’ without the use of expensive roaming guards enabling you to realize significant annual savings on your security budget whilst increasing the security for your property. All of the above can be financially structured and tailored for you in line with both security and budgetary requirements.

Access Control – We have a solution that can prevent criminals and potential threats to your estate and business. We have the ability link the face of the driver, driver’s license, number plates and license disk to make sure all is in order!

Hijackings – By placing strategic cameras and devices already rolled out through many areas and linked to a control room, we have the ability to notify you on your smartphone of a potential vehicle that is following you to your house or work, this gives you the ability to make a decision to turn into the driveway or continue to a place of safety.


  • Saving on monthly guarding
  • Taking your security to the next level
  • 24 hour control room monitoring the high-risk areas of your property (SAIDSA Approved Control Room)
  • Full risk assessment on your estate / commercial property
  • 24 Hour IT back up and maintenance SLA

Please contact us and we will personally come out to meet you and discuss your security needs.

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