Virtual reality. When most people hear these words, they immediately think of a large, awkward helmet hooked up to a computer with the user experiencing a three-dimensional fantasy world… something along the lines of The Matrix. However, virtual reality has many uses, from entertainment to education, this technology has proven quite successful in the military and security training space too. 

Using computer technology, virtual reality is a three-dimensional realm where a user can manipulate and explore a simulated world. With thousands of devices and applications available, the virtual reality experience includes three-dimensional images that appear to be life-sized. These images can track the user’s motions, displaying the simulation in perspective. 

In commercial security services, virtual reality is one of the most effective ways for guard management training. Most commercial security guards have not experienced criminal interactions and, therefore, they may not be prepared or equipped to make the right decisions when confronted head on. By providing virtual reality, this experiential training increases awareness and competency by placing these commercial security guards within a simulated situation to prepare them accordingly.  

Some virtual reality applications and devices often use exact representations of actual facilities in the commercial security services space. The purpose of this exercise is to:

  • Build security awareness, 
  • Instruct on tactics and techniques, and 
  • Test response procedures. 

Virtual reality can be instrumental in securing the perimeters of gated communities. RSS Security Services have introduced virtual reality to South Africa’s gated estates, providing crucial insight into what a typical fenced community requires in order to remain secure. 

In order to maintain tight access control and a secure perimeter, this virtual reality project includes videos, pictures and explanations to assist all clients in not only understanding the security risks, but also to be able to identify where security can be improved. These estates will receive a threat analysis with a three-to-five-year technical roll-out plan using virtual reality and 360-degree cameras. 

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