An emergency can strike your home at any time. As one of the leading security guard companies in Gauteng, RSS Security often advises families on how they can prepare for a security crisis. Here are a few tips to protect yourself and your loved ones:

  • Create An Emergency Plan

You need a clear plan about what will happen in the event of different kinds of emergencies. Create the plan and then discuss it with your family. Make sure you have all the emergency contact numbers and information in an emergency binder. Keep the binder where everyone in the family has access to it.

  • Figure Out How You Will Communicate With Family Members

It is possible that your family won’t be with each other, or that they may not have their cell phones on them when an emergency strikes. Discuss potential alternatives such as calling from a neighbour’s house, a phone booth or from other internet-connected devices. Make sure that your numbers are saved in the cloud and that you know a few important phone numbers off by heart.

  • Gather Supplies And Keep Them Together

Emergency supplies include gauge, bandages, crucial medication and other items that you may need in the event of an emergency. It is also wise to include copies of important documents and to keep them in your emergency kit.

  • Practice Your Emergency Plan

After you have drafted your emergency plan and given it to all the members of your family, practice the plan. Do a dry run of each possible emergency scenario so that your family is comfortable with what they need to do if an emergency strikes.

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