Your current energy bill is largely influenced by your power hungry geyser – a fact that is often disregarded seeing as you don’t see your geyser every day because it’s either outside or tucked away in your roof. Many people don’t realise that installing an energy efficient geyser device can make a huge difference to your electricity bill. With the annual electricity price hikes from Eskom, installing an energy efficient geyser in South Africa makes more sense than ever before.

Modern energy saving geyser devices

Older energy saving geysers used to be a hassle to install and maintain. Some of these geysers also had to be replaced when home owners wanted to upgrade to modern solutions such as solar water heating geysers, for example. New energy saving geyser devices, such as those provided by RSS Security, can be installed quickly and don’t require maintenance. These modern devices also offer the following benefits:

  • Remote access. It is not necessary for you to physically be in your house to turn your geyser on/off or regulate the temperature. Why would you have your geyser running at full steam while you are not even at home? A few simple clicks on your smart phone let you make adjustments wherever you are.
  • More control. With an energy efficient geyser you can set a schedule that suits your routine. Program your energy saving geyser to go on about half an hour before you would normally like to have hot water. Also, set your geyser to go off after an average time of use.
  • Leak detection. A new age energy efficient geyser device is a lot smarter than older models for the simple fact that it can detect when there is a water leakage. This allows you to contact a specialist who can fix it in time so that there would be minimal damage to your home.

RSS’s energy saving geyser

An energy saving geyser should be viewed as an investment that not only pays for itself; saves you money over time but also adds to your quality of life. The energy saving geyser device from RSS Security holds all the above mentioned qualities and more.

When you contact us for your device, we will install it for you free of charge (a service worth R1800) – the money you save could potentially be used to pay for free security for your home!

Contact RSS Security now to receive quotations as well as more information with regards to energy efficient geysers in Gauteng.

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