Craigavon residents are deeply concerned about crime in the area. Their worries emerged during a residents’ meeting hosted in the suburb on 30 June, when about 30 community members, as well as other stakeholders such as the Douglasdale Community Policing Forum (CPF), representatives from the local police station and security company staff gathered at 10 Poplar Avenue.

Riaan Winkler of TRSS Reaction told Fourways Review before the meeting, “In my own experience in security services, I have definitely seen crime go up. I have been working in security in the area since 2001, and it seems like there are more armed crimes happening these days.”

Winkler, as well as his peers from RSS Security Services, Rob Taljaard and Gareth Gould, all shared the hope that the community would come together through similar meetings to fight crime and keep one another safe. Gould added, “I myself have been a victim of crime and so I know what it’s like to feel helpless.

“We want to get the message out to criminals that there will be zero tolerance, and we want to make sure that residents feel safe in their own homes.”

Craigavon resident, Louise Cameron, is immigrating soon, in part because of crime. “Crime is out of control in this country. I know that Saps is doing their best, but I don’t think anything can change until we as South Africans come together and address our problems in unity.”

During the meeting, along with raising security concerns, residents also expressed frustration that some issues such as by-law enforcement seem to be a continuous problem.

Neil Hays of the Douglasdale CPF and Jean Berdou of Future City Fourways were also invited and addressed the audience briefly.

Members of the Douglasdale South African Police Service were on hand to listen to community comments and answer questions.

Carmen Jordaan of Whole Earth Recycling also addressed the crowd about the recycling services which her company offers in the area.

The meeting lasted about two hours, and another meeting for the community will be held on 28 July.


FOURWAYS – We asked local community members how they have been affected by crime in and around Fourways. Here’s what they had to say…


I live on a low level – people jumped over our complex wall and I saw them running through our garden away from security.


In February last year, we had a break-in at our house while we were home. They stole a laptop and our wallets.


In Johannesburg, I haven’t yet been the target of crime, and I have lived in this city for about three years now.


No, touch wood! I live proactively in terms of keeping safety in mind and have not been robbed.


It’s motivated me to try and get the community together to combat crime, as my family lives here and I want to protect them.


I work for RSS Security and the reason for this is that I want to be able to fight crime and make a difference.

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