Living in a more energy efficient way has many benefits. One of the most notable points would be that it would save electricity, which would lead to a reduction in your electricity bills and save you money.

One of the easiest ways to significantly reduce your energy consumption is to install an energy saving geyser device, as geysers account for up to 60% of the average South African household’s electricity usage.

Why have an energy saving geyser device installed?

  • Environmentally friendly: This device will reduce your carbon footprint because it will be cutting your overall electricity usage by as much as 30%.
  • Convenience: This device will allow you to set a schedule for your geyser quickly and easily, turning it into an energy efficient geyser. You no longer have to set reminders for yourself about when to switch your geyser on or off because this device will automate the whole process for you.
  • Preventative: This particular device comes fitted with an alarm and leak detection feature. This alarm and leak detection function will ensure that you are made aware of geyser leaks as and when they happen before they can cause a lot of damage or leak a lot of water.
  • Cost effective: An energy saving geyser device will cut your electric bill by 30% and helps to decrease your monthly expenditure as a whole. Transforming your geyser into an electricity saving geyser will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Why choose to partner with RSS Security Services?

RSS Security offers a range of cutting-edge security solutions in South Africa. In order to provide their clients with more solutions, they are offering to install energy saving geyser devices for free when you partner with them.

Contact RSS Security for your energy saving geyser device now!

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