As a business owner, there is a lot of responsibility on you to protect your assets, employees, guests at your offices, and information. Many threats exist in 2019 in South Africa, from criminals and vandals to intruders and burglars.

If you are experiencing unauthorised access into your building, or certain parts of the business, then there are a few things you can do:

Reduce entrance points

Buildings with multiple entrance points make it easy for people to slip in and out unnoticed. If you limit entrance points to a single, main entrance, many trespassers will be deterred because it is easier to pick up on unusual guests and track their movements.

Regular security gate and door maintenance

Your security gates and doors should regularly be checked and maintained. Any faulty hinges, locks, or booms should be replaced immediately.

Implement a sign-in policy

Employees can have regular access guards, but implementing a system whereby visitors sign in with their ID books or driver’s license will ensure that you have a log book of people on your property. Digitizing this log book will also give you an easy-to-use audit trail of visitors.

Hire security guards

You can hire security guards to provide corporate guarding services. Not only do security guards give employees and visitors a sense of security, but criminals will think twice before following through on criminal activities if there is a visible security presence at your business.

When you partner with RSS for commercial security services, you will have a team of highly trained and capable security guards on your property. Not only do they know how to pick up on any suspicious activity, but they know how to handle incidents and get in touch with the authorities. From monitoring your business around the clock to providing a visual presence that can give you and your workers peace of mind, RSS can give you the commercial security services you need. Contact us for more information today.

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