Fellow Craigavon Residents,

I would love to be able to come home to a crime free suburb. Would you? It’s with great excitement that I get to announce and be part of an initiative that, with your support, will achieve just that.

Everyone who lives in and visits our suburb will benefit. Whether you rent or own, to arrive in Craigavon will be to leave rampant crime behind. For those of you that own property – you can expect property values to increase once all phases are rolled out. This solution has
been tried and tested in other suburbs we look after and it works!

To kick start the initiative Nashua has agreed to invest in Craigavon by installing the initial phase of high end IP cameras with full analytics including Automatic Number Plate Recognition to cover all entry and exit points of our suburb.

Why Nashua? Nashua has entered the surveillance market to supply, install, maintain and finance CCTV cameras for estates and businesses – not only do they do all of that but they also provide full connectivity with fibre or wireless throughout the country and

Nashua has also partnered with OSM – a high end Offsite Monitoring Company that specializes in monitoring cameras on roads, estates and businesses – this is the future of security.

Nashua will generously cover the costs of the hardware for Phase 1.

The best security solutions are the product of a team effort. In this case Nashua, RSS Security Services, TRSS Reaction, Lew Geffen / Sotheby’s, OSM, and….most importantly, YOU! With your active support we can drive crime out of Craigavon.

I have put together a team that includes Nashua and OSM who would like to meet with all 65 estates in Craigavon to enlist your support and identify how you can assist to get our suburb to the end goal – 100% coverage with cameras on every street in our area and all estates in the suburb.

Whether you are prepared to donate power, a fibre connection or get on board with additional cameras, we need to talk to you!

Is that all Nashua and OSM will be doing to help with your security? Do we have a problem with smash and grab along William Nicol? …once again, Nashua will generously cover all costs for the initial roll out which will include ANPR cameras + others at the intersection of Leslie and William Nicol, OSM will monitor them at no charge…Thank You!

Please can I ask that all residents, complexes and estates in Craigavon get behind this initiative and support all the associated service providers namely: Nashua Central, RSS Security Services, OSM, TRSS Reaction and Lew Geffen / Sotheby’s.

RSS Security Services is offering a FREE comprehensive risk analysis to all estates and can structure a financial deal that includes guarding, armed response, cameras and OSM. Your cameras will plug into the Craigavon network and will all be monitored by OSM so that we
can co-ordinate with the relative security company’s one message for when criminal activity happens in the area.

Please contact Sam – pa@rss-group.co.za, 0861 999 778 – ext 226 at RSS Security Services for more information on this exciting initiative and to be part of the solution for our area, together we can move crime out of the Craigavon area.

Kind Regards
Brett Fisher
RSS Security Services PTY LTD

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