For many business owners, one of their biggest fears is to have a fire break out on their property. To lose everything that you have worked for is a devastating experience.

Your place of business is the centre of all your activities. Not only are you responsible for the safety of your employees and guests, but you need to protect your assets, records, equipment, furniture and other infrastructure. When you hire a commercial security guard service such as RSS Security, you will have trained professionals watching over your property. Besides having on-site security guards, remote guards will also pro-actively monitor your fire alarms to detect any threats or fires before they become a problem.

With a trusted corporate security solutions provider, you will have people on-call 24/7. We partner with the fastest emergency response services, and we can get the fire brigade, medical assistance and other security personnel deployed and on-site within the shortest amount of time.

Beyond Fire Detection And Prevention

RSS Security has the ability to monitor your company’s entrance, access control, perimeter walls and potential ‘hotspots’ without the use of expensive roaming guards, enabling you to realise significant annual savings on your security budget, while increasing the security of your property. Some of the commercial guarding solutions we specialise in also include CCTV installations, access control systems, off-site monitoring and risk assessments.

Who Are We?

RSS Commercial is a BBBEE Level 2 commercial security services company. Our approach is personal, ensuring excellence, customer focus and integrity. We use the latest technology sourced from around the globe, and employ only the best human capital in the industry. We ensure our customers experience a professional service proposition that delivers results.

Contact us for more information about our commercial security services today.

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