I firmly believe that long term business success is only possible if you continuously adapt to the changing needs of your customers and that you do a better job of that than your competitors. Failure to do so puts your company’s future at risk. Many companies such as Kodak and Mr Video have shown that to be true. The list is long and it’s quite sobering to reflect on the fact that 88% of the Fortune 500 companies from 1955 are gone.

Virtual Reality provides an opportunity for guarding companies such as RSS to better help our clients to understand their security risks and what more they can do to improve their security. I find that our VR users are totally immersed in the content which means they have fewer distractions and pay more attention to the message that we try to deliver.

This improved understanding empowers our clients to develop and maintain their security improvement plans within the constraints of their budgets. VR also helps us to further improve the performance of our guards by improving their training. As far as I can tell, RSS is the first guarding security company in South Africa, and maybe even in the World to embrace Virtual Reality.

Our guarding and support staff are better trained and more effective than our competitors which gives us a competitive edge, VR will help us to maintain and even extend that competitive edge.

This particular VR project shows a typical estate and includes various videos, pictures and explanations to help any client to understand security risks and to identify what is needed to improve security.

There are 2 golden rules for effective guarding security: tight access control and a secure perimeter.

RSS VR allows you to review available access control systems interactively in the context of a typical estate so you can better understand what your estate or company can do to improve your access control. It also allows you to tour an estate perimeter to see what options are available to prevent criminals from entering undetected.

As an HOA, Body Corporate, Committee or business owner you should already have a full and up to date threat analysis and recommendations for improving security provided by your security company. Actions to implement acceptable recommendations should be incorporated in your estate or business management plan and budget.

RSS will soon start presenting a threat analysis and 3 to 5 year technical roll out plan at estates using VR and 360 degree cameras which will show ways to secure properties including the use of artificial intelligence.

We will also be incorporating VR into our existing training for both our guards and managers so that we can further improve our performance. This will even include simulations to sharpen reactions for when it really counts.

We have always been known in the industry as pioneers and once again we are taking the lead and challenging our competitors to up their game in response to the ever increasing crime wave in SA. View our RSS VR presentation here

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