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Afribiz Invest partners with RSS Security Services

South African investment company Afribiz Invest has announced a joint venture partnership with RSS Security Services. The partnership will see the launch of a new specialist security company, RSS Commercial, which will service private and public-sector...

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A word from the CEO I have said it in previous newsletters and I keep reminding myself and the people I talk to, we South Africans are a proud, resilient and tough nation! We have a strong constitution and an effective judiciary and we will always win. The...

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Home and Workplace security

Home and workplace security solutions are very important as it ensures the safety of the occupants of the building as well as any equipment and other property on the premises. Installing good security systems may also result in a reduction in your monthly...

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Security Services Companies in South Africa

There is a wide variety of security services companies in South Africa. The choice of which security services company to choose can be a tricky one, because you need to ensure that they will be ready to respond when you (or your family) might be in an...

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Security guards

It is not always possible to keep order when situations get tense. Security guards are able to assist you in such a way that you need not worry about situations getting out of control as there will be a watchful eye on the premises at all times. Various...

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