Top security companies confirmed they have seen a decline in burglaries, theft, and armed robberies since the coronavirus lockdown started.

When President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that a national lockdown would be implemented, starting on 27 March, many people wondered what the impact on crime would be.

There was a particular concern around businesses which would be left deserted, and therefore vulnerable, during the lockdown.

Police Minister Bheki Cele predicted the 21-day lockdown would result in a reduction in crime across South Africa, as the restriction of movement would also apply to criminals.

This would make it challenging for them to move around to perform robberies or other crimes.

Cele added that the “web spun” by the police and military, which includes roadblocks, will catch both people who move around without permission and criminals.

Reduction of crime confirmed

Two of South Africa’s top private security companies, Fidelity Services Group and RSS Security Services, both confirmed there has been a reduction in crime in South Africa.

RSS CEO Brett Fisher told MyBroadband that burglaries, theft, and armed robberies have decreased in residential suburbs and estates after the lockdown.

Fisher said more people are staying at home because of the lockdown, which is one of the main reasons for the decrease in criminal activity.

While serious crime decreased, Fisher said they are receiving more complaints about neighbours not getting on, excessive noise, and people not staying indoors.

He added that they also received complaints about domestic violence during the lockdown.

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