Security and safety are one of our most basic needs as humans. At RSS Security, we know that being one of the best security guard companies comes with a lot of responsibility. Not only are we tasked with keeping a hawk-eye over our clients’ properties, but we have also extended our services to make wider parts of Johannesburg a safer place.

During 2018, we became known as the security services company that both private and commercial clients can trust 24/7.

In 2019, we are leading the way in terms of private security solutions. Besides expanding our fleet and up-skilling our security guards with training, we’ve launched a variety of anti-hijacking initiatives and other security services in the Fourways area.

While many of our clients and readers are familiar with our security services, here are a few services that we offer that you might not have been aware of:

Commercial Guarding

We are a BBBEE Level 2 commercial security services company that offers commercial guarding services in the commercial, industrial and government sector. Our approach is personal, and we offer everything from risk assessments and CCTV installations to remote monitoring. We can monitor your entrance/access control, perimeter walls and potential ‘hotspots’ without the use of expensive roaming guards, enabling clients to realise significant annual savings on their security budget while simultaneously increasing the security of their property.

Aerial Surveillance

With aerial surveillance, the bad guys can run, but they can’t hide. Security cameras are usually fixed to buildings and street poles, or manually handled by security staff. With aerial surveillance cameras through drones, you can affordably get a birds-eye view of your entire property. These unmanned systems can also be equipped with night vision cameras to dramatically increase your security.

Need more information about private security companies? Then contact RSS Security today.

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