In Gauteng, it has become increasingly crucial for residential property owners to hire a home security service. But, how do you know that you are getting a reputable service that will really take care of you and your family when you need them? Ask these questions before you sign on the dotted line:

How Long Have You Been in the Industry?

You don’t want to partner with a security company that has only been in the industry for a handful of years. Make sure they have a solid presence in the community as well as a reputable track record in the market.

What Are Your Response Times?

Will you have to wait five minutes, fifteen minutes or fifty minutes for security professionals to come to your home if you press a panic button? Ask them about their procedures (do they call first or come immediately?). Also, will they alert medical professionals and the police on your behalf?

Do You Have Clients That I Can Talk To?

The best way to find out about a company’s service is to speak to their existing clients. Ask them for a few names and contact details, then call their clients and ask them whether they are happy with the service they have received from the security company. Ask them if they have had any criminal activity or incidents and, more importantly, how the security company responded.

What Type of Technology Do You Use?

For instance, does the company offer remote monitoring? And, can they equip your house with CCTV cameras? 

How Do You Screen and Train Security Guards?

Some security companies invest in ongoing training for their guards. The employees at RSS Security, for example, go through a rigorous screening process and receive ongoing security training to ensure their skills remain sharp.

Need a residential guard or security service in Gauteng? Then contact RSS Security today.

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