With the outbreak of COVID-19, many security villages and estates have started to issue cards instead of relying on fingerprints for access. If your complex is still using a fingerprint biometric system, be sure to sanitize before and after you touch the access gate.

Here is an overview of the different biometric security systems:

Voice identification

These systems are not very widespread at the moment but they have strong potential. A person’s voice patterns are every bit as unique as their fingerprints. Even if you think your voice sounds similar to someone else’s, the technology can easily discern the differences in pitch and cadence. With these systems, people are required to speak a particular pre-determined password, which the system compares with a pre-recorded version for authentication.

Facial/ iris or retinal recognition

The stuff of 1980s science-fiction films! The person stands in front of a scanner, which scans the face, taking all its defining features into account, and then grants entry if authentication is achieved. An alternative system is based on eye recognition, with the scanner checking the iris or retina for authentication.

Fingerprint/ palm print identification

These systems are in common usage, even among small businesses. A terminal is installed outside an entry door and personnel are required to place their fingers or palm on the scanner for authentication. If this is successful, access is granted and the door is unlocked. 

Which is the best for you?

This is not a simple question to answer, as it depends on your needs. For a general office environment, fingerprint authentication is usually more than adequate. Facilities that require particularly high security measures, such as government or military buildings, may need to make use of facial or even DNA-driven biometrics. This is seldom necessary for small businesses or even corporations. It really depends on your budget and your security requirements. 

If you are looking to upgrade your access control system with sophisticated biometrics, contact RSS Security today. We are expert security contractors who will be able to assess your needs and advise you on the commercial security services that are right for you.

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