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Establishing a culture where we go beyond that which is only required has become our way of business. Making South Africa a safer environment for all is our passion and that which we do best.



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“We live in Phase 2 and aren’t too familiar with the roads in Phase One. My mum had to drop something off at a house in Phase One last night, and so she asked the guards for directions. The guards asked her to pull over, and in a few minutes one of the security cars arrived and led my mum to the house she was looking for. She was so impressed by their service, and I would just like to thank you both for constantly good service from your team.”

Allison Dike

“My greatest compliment to RSS is their Management and more importantly their on-site Guards: their professionalism, respect to the owners/residents, visitors and they genuinely “go the extra mile.”


“On the evening of the 21st October I had a flood at the house. My husband was away and I had to switch the water off which I couldn’t do myself, as the metre was hidden under a pile of sand. I phoned Security and they sent one of the RSS guards to help me. He managed to expose the meter while being attacked by ants, he was very helpful. I think good service is never recognised – I was very impressed.

I would also like to commend and thank RSS for the wonderful Christmas party you threw for the kids at Fairfield. RSS is doing a wonderful job in Fairfield.”


“I have to say thank you to your entire team for all the hard work that your Reaction team as well the RAID team have put trying to catch “our ” suspect .

I do hope that this puts an end to this suspects crime spree in our suburb .I was grateful for the call just before 22:00 last night regarding the arrest of the suspect by one of your reaction officers and for keeping me up to date till around 23:30 regarding all the goings on etc .

Pls thank your reaction officer Mr MM Tyantsi for his quick response and successful arrest of the suspect. I have been going through a number of emails already where residents are thanking RSS and obviously your reaction officer Mr Tyantsi for chasing the suspects and the arrest of this one , again THANK YOU for the brilliant job well done from the CSRF and the residents of Central Sharonlea.”


To Whom It May Concern
Since inception of Lonehill Village in 2003 RSS has been Lonehill Village Estate Security Provider.
I have no hesitation in recommending them as a service provider.
Their best attribute that makes them a Standout Security Provider is the level of communication we experience with direct access to their Managing Director Paul McConnel who takes a direct interest and attends our monthly security meeting.
He is supported by a good management team who ensure the highest level of guarding.
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information.

Mike van der Velde

Security Trustee Lonehill Village

“My wife and I were attacked by what at the time was known as the axe gang working the Paulshoff area. Not even a member of the RSS they were the first to Assist me. So I joined. It has been quiet for the last three year, but three days ago some thieves broke into my workshop where I keep my MX bikes and gear. So I installed external beams. Last night they were back and triggered the alarm. Not even two minutes later RSS and The SAP were on the scene. The thieves fled and got away but the presence of RSS was made real clear.”


“I appreciate your efforts to get the noise issues under control. There have been a couple of incidents and I pleased to say that when I contacted the guards they were very nice and helpful and managed to get the people to stop making a noise. I really appreciate it as it can’t be easy dealing with this.”


“We have been with RSS for a while now and I just want to comment on your service.

Your sign outside our house fell off and I spoke to one of your guys in the reaction vehicles and asked him to put it back up or remove it. Within 24 hours it was put back up. Today we tested our passives and beams and found that the passage passive did not work. The technical department was advised and within 20 minutes the technicians were here and much to my embarrassment, it was the wrong setting.

The guys were very friendly and accommodating.

Thank you guys for such good service in a country where service is disgusting. We feel a whole lot safer.

I certainly will recommend you to anyone looking for service.

Many thanks again.”


“Our guards are truly one of a kind. No matter if it’s the beginning or end of their shift they are always cheerful. That’s hundreds of usually personalized greetings everyday. Especially at the end of a long busy day I know that I’m grateful and look forward to that greeting.

Gill - RSS Estate, Craigavon

Good day,
It is with great pleasure that I write this email as a reference for RSS.
As a home owner and resident in The Straight for the past 5 years, RSS has been onboard and ontop of any issues that arise. From the guards to the reaction officers who assist us with any and all problems or a helping hand.
Numerous times when I have called the guard house I am faced with the wonderful help from either Bheki, Thomas or Dadley who are always friendly, professional and know exactly what to do in certain situations that we may face such as interacting in the correct manner with other residents that fail to abide by the rules, reporting back to H/O on any and all situations and making sure all has been recorded.
If by any chance a situation is difficult for the guards to assist, we are always welcomed with open arms by the Directors of RSS. No problem is too small and they are always willing to help which is very scarce to find that the Directors themselves are so involved with their Clients and their needs!
We know that we are taken care of by professionals in the industry and that our voices will always be heard.

Liz Phytides

“While most, if not all of the security team at Tinza are very competent and perform their duties well, I just wanted to take the time to single out a couple of guards who, in my opinion, really stand out. Johnson (whom I haven’t seen in a little while) and Mashudu know us by name, always greet and wave us goodbye when we’re coming into or leaving our home and are proactive in terms of maintaining the peace and security of the complex. Mashudu, in particular, went out of his way to check that my Fiance was okay after I couldn’t reach her. Thankfully, everything was fine. They are real assets to the security team and I would appreciate if you could forward this feedback to their supervisors/managers. Keep up the great work guys and thanks for keeping us safe.”

Andrew Pittendrigh

“This morning, in Sharonlea, we had a false alarm, the RSS security guard in the area- Mike was very quick to respond. He was professional and courteous. I was very impressed with his service.”


“I just want to thank both RSS and your staff members Khawulani and George for their superb service during my robbery today. They were both fantastic. I am informed that within minutes of my alarm going off they responded and had they not been there so quickly I would have lost enormous amounts of personal items. They both showed huge courage going into a house without knowing if there were possible assailants still hiding in the house. They looked after my children when I arrived home, and took care of my home until I got there. I am informed that they called the police before I even got home. Perhaps it was your control room who did this, but I am very grateful never the less. I feel it is appropriate to inform you that the Douglasdale Police detectives who handled the robbery today told me in person that RSS are the best security company they work with and that they do not trust the other companies in the area. Well done to all of you. Please thank both Khawulani and George for me.”


Thank you for your time yesterday to meet.

Following on from our discussion, I wanted to again reiterate the incredible service Wiseman and Solomon provide Epson.

They have integrated into the office and Epson at large. What really impresses me is the level of commitment and service they provide by often going above and beyond the call of duty to assist the team wherever possible. They are always on time, never complain and just always willing to assist.

We are very fortunate to have both these individuals working with us and they represent the RSS brand to the highest levels as well.

Timothy Thomas - Consumer Sales Manager Epson (UK) Ltd

HI,  Paul has reached out to me to ask if I would be willing to type short reference to you regarding our experiences with them as a security company.
I chair two complexes and thus have similar and different experiences in both but I can indeed state that RSS regardless of those experiences in each complex have delivered per the SLA and sometimes beyond.
If you are looking for a stable and trusted group then you should search no further. They will provide you with that stability and service required to become a trusted partner but when the trouble starts, that is when they really step up and help resolve the issue.
I have retained them since inception of each estate mainly as when we had problems, they helped us figure it out and committed to do so at times with great expense to them.
Security remains a priority and having a trusted partner is essential to ensure that you provide that.
Paul is key and since he has joined brought new energies into the company that have raised the bar for all companies in their game.

Morne Hugo

Chairman (Sibaya Sands & Tinza Lifestyle Estate)




At RSS, we ensure our customers experience a totally professional service offering and ultimately genuine peace of mind. Contact us today for more information.

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