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News for New Residents and Security Management

About Our Staff

RSS Security employs a highly trained workforce which includes guards, guard security managers and special operations teams. Our three-tier response system allows for security issues to be escalated from on-duty guards directly to our senior management. Making use of the latest technology and expertise, our RAID staff provide us with the definitive edge in the fight against crime. Furthermore, all our guards are carefully selected based on their communications skills, experience and professionalism. Every guard has at least Grade C training, however, RSS Security also provides daily on-site training and management services.

Access Control

It’s the visitor’s responsibility to know which unit he/she is visiting to avoid congestion at the gate. If possible please contact the guard house with your guest names prior to arrival. Guards will communicate with the resident via the intercom system and no one is allowed to gain access without permission from the resident, this includes regular visitors. Guards will write down the visitor’s information in the visitor’s entry book.

All residents will be required to have their own remotes. Residents without remotes must sign the register on entry. Please refrain from tailgating. From time to time the guards may perform random car boot checks. Please be patient should they request to search your vehicle.
All contractors must be supervised while they are working in the complex. Any contractor arriving without a supervisor will not be allowed in. No hooting Please.


Visitors and residents must park in their designated parking bays only. Illegally parked cars prohibit emergency vehicles from gaining access.

Domestic Workers

All domestic workers must be registered in order to receive a domestic identification card. Forms can be collected from the guardhouse.
Please complete the form and hand it back to the guardhouse with a passport photo and R 20.00 administration fee.

Furniture Removal Trucks

All residents moving in or out of the complex are required to complete a movement control form. This form can be collected from the Guardhouse.
If you intend moving, remember there is a 3 ton weight limitation in most estates and you should advise your removal company to provide a shuttle service.
Moving times are between 07h30 and 16h30 preferably not on weekends.


Residents are allowed a maximum of 6 cars and 20 guests inside the complex at any one time. Should you wish to have more guests, it must be cleared with your Estate Manager first. Residents must inform security of the party and if possible supply a list of their guests.
Residents must take responsibility for their visitors’ conduct in the complex.
The clubhouse should abide by the same rules as the rest of the complex.


Noise is allowed at a reasonable level until 22h00 during the week and 00h00 on Fridays and Saturdays.
The noise must be contained to the unit.

In Case of Emergency

Contact the Guardhouse, each guardhouse is in contact with our 24-hour control room. In case of a fire, RSS management has fire training and the guards are equipped with whistles to alert other residents to the situation.


Sometimes criminals live within a complex. Dead bolts and barrel locks are a good way to secure your doors. Make sure that windows that remain open are fitted with burglar bars. Please report anything suspicious to the 24-hour guardhouse. Your information will be treated confidentially.

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Happy Customers

“We live in Phase 2 and aren’t too familiar with the roads in Phase One. My mum had to drop something off at a house in Phase One last night, and so she asked the guards for directions. The guards asked her to pull over, and in a few minutes one of the security…”

Allison Dike

“My wife and I were attacked by what at the time was known as the axe gang working the Paulshoff area. Not even a member of the RSS they were the first to Assist me. So I joined. It has been quiet for the last three year, but three days ago some thieves broke into…”


“While most, if not all of the security team at Tinza are very competent and perform their duties well, I just wanted to take the time to single out a couple of guards who, in my opinion, really stand out. Johnson (whom I haven’t seen in a little while) and Mashudu know…”

Andrew Pittendrigh



At RSS, we ensure our customers experience a totally professional service offering and ultimately genuine peace of mind. Contact us today for more information.

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