Are you in search of a reputable security guard company? If so, you may be struggling to tell which company is sure to offer you the best quality security services. A good place to start is to look at the various security services that the company provides. Any great security guard company worth its salt will be offering the following security services in 2020 and beyond: 

Commercial Guarding 

Commercial guarding for businesses is a staple service of any good quality security company in South Africa. 

Residential Guarding 

Residential guarding at homes and estates throughout the country should be another priority of any and every security company. 

School and Campus Security 

With more and more incidents taking place on school and campus grounds, security companies need to be stationed there to help prevent these incidents from taking place in the future. 

Technical Services 

Technical services should be available for both businesses and homes. Technical services for home security should include the installation of security systems and fire alarms, as well as panic and perimeter systems. The company should then also be responsible for monitoring these systems. Biometrics, movement control, number plate and facial recognition systems should be priorities for technical services relating to business security.

Security for Special Events 

Security guard companies should be able to provide reliable security for all sorts of special events, whether it is a political meeting or a music festival. 

RAID Team Services 

A company’s Reaction and Intelligence Division (RAID) should go above and beyond in terms of VIP protection services and armed reaction services to proactively combat crime and safeguard executives and VIPs.


Any reputable security guard company should also have the means in order to provide their clients with timeous medical services on site. 

Here at RSS Security, we are one of the security guard companies that can offer you all of the abovementioned services and more. For more information on why we are one of the private security companies of choice for countless homes and businesses in South Africa, please do not hesitate to contact us today. 

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