With South Africa’s growing unemployment rate and frightening crime statistics, it has become crucial for business owners to be more proactive about protecting their assets. A comprehensive threat analysis can give you the peace of mind you need to know that you are protected. Here are five reasons why:

Define Threats

Perhaps there are multiple entry points into your business property. Or you have yet to implement an access control system. A comprehensive threat analysis will see experienced security guards assessing your commercial property to determine where threats exist.

Risk Analysis

A risk assessment weighs the cost of a security strategy against potential losses without that same security strategy. If your business could come to a grinding halt if your data centre should be exposed to an environmental threat or criminal activity, for example, then a security assessment will determine that these warrant the most immediate course of action.

The Cost of Replacement Is High

If you have to replace parts of your property or assets within your building because vandals or criminals were able to get into your property, it can severely affect your bottom line. Instead of forking out your hard-earned cash to replace items that you have already invested in, a security assessment can show you how to stop unauthorised visitors in the first place.

Some Threats may be Internal

Many times, businesses create access control systems so that employees have access to the specific parts of your commercial property that they use. Without a comprehensive security assessment, there is no way to know how internal threats may affect your business.

Limit Malicious Intent

Thieves targeting your property is something that keeps many business owners awake at night. A security assessment can determine where you are. And, more importantly, how you can take corrective measures.

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