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RSS security services offer a wide range of comprehensive security products that can help to protect your home and workplace. Contact RSS Security now for more information on security systems in South Africa.

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Bloodhound’s internationally recognised product offering has been servicing South African security companies for the past nine years by managing and monitoring the movements and actions of personnel on remote sites of any size. They are continuously developing their product offerings to fulfil the security industries needs and adapt to the ever-changing demand from the industry. “We service the majority of blue-chip security service providers in SA. Our product flexibility lets us deploy effortlessly anywhere in the world.”

Bloodhound allows you to effectively measure service levels, increased staff productivity, have real-time management oversight and use innovative micro-location beacon technology to seamlessly track the movement of security personnel inside buildings. Observer is a powerful Cloud platform that analyses all filed data and provides interactive reports critical to clients and management. Pre-set parameters and intelligent data analytics enable Observer to report and escalate any exceptions on sites.

Full off-line functionality — all information (schedules, routes, checklists, etc.) is stored on a mobile device that enables full functionality without being dependent on a reliable Mobile Network. Furthermore, the advanced control room module lets operators monitor all exceptions and alerts on remote sites 24/7/36

“RSS Security has been using and managing patrols with our Bloodhound Mobile Parol system since March 2013. Since we at Bloodhound Technologies started our Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Top Performer awards in 2014, RSS Security has finished at the top 3 of their category consistently every month, quarter and year. This can be confirmed and seen by the Quarterly Certificates and Yearly Trophies they have received.”

“Technology is extremely empowering in our industry and being able to use the latest and advanced technological innovations is key in staying ahead of criminals. We are a hundred precent dedicated to employing the best technologies.”


– Brett Fisher (CEO)

This RSS Drone operates with thermal imaging cameras. This Drone has the ability to pick up the heat from a potential criminal hiding in a dark veld and river beds.

What we offer


  • Integrated Security Operations
  • Workforce Management Software

Off-site Monitoring

  • Off-site Monitoring
  • Off-site CCTV Monitoring Surveillance

Aerial Surveillance

  • UAV to capture still images or videos of targets
  • Operates with thermal imaging cameras



At RSS, we ensure our customers experience a totally professional service offering and ultimately genuine peace of mind. Contact us today for more information.

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