Team Management and Team Building

The aim of our training and team building days are to improve our staff’s ability to deal with pressure situations in the correct manner. As a positive spin off the bonds and friendships that are formed translate into a tight, well oiled operations team equipped to deal with any situation.

We take our profession seriously and train to be the best. Firstly we subject all our operations staff to our basic RAID Module 1 training course developed by us utilising in-house professionals. Over and above the required industry standards this course is extensive in physical training and mental toughness. Grueling obstacle courses, tyre walls and leopard crawling under barb-wire are just some of the challenges.

Target shooting and evasive procedures ensure the best trained teams when it comes to our reaction staff. Our more senior staff and RAID teams practice ‘house penetration’ with live ammunition and moving targets. Besides our regular Reaction and RAID firearm training, we involve all the staff at our office in the Fundamentals of Firearm Training. Fun is had by all as the non-combatant staff, ladies too, get to test their aiming skills and compete against one another.

Community – Team Management

One of our most important training tools and spirit building exercises has to be paintball. On a weekly basis we meet and let out our frustrations on the paintball field. Although we play at various venues, our home ground these days is at the Woods paintball field between Dainfern and Diepsloot on William Nicol Dr, these facilities are top class. Julian and Cecil run a good show and continue to invest in the facilities which help to bring old customers back and new customers in. They have intentions of expanding the facilities towards catering for those who are not directly involved in the action.

We would also like to mention Hardy and Elaine at the PaintBallShop who definitely have top products and service.

We play various roll play scenarios like hostage situations and mock house penetration to all out bush warfare and urban assault. We welcome any of our clients to join us if they would like to play with us, or if you are a member of a team to arrange a game. Regardless of your level or whether or not you have your own gear there is equipment available for your rental and we guarantee a fun day with lots to learn.

Some of the most noticeable changes in staff are:

  • Communication under pressure.
  • The ability to focus while under fire.
  • The ability to work as a team.
  • Duty levels increase with camaraderie – we back each other up and respond to support each other should there be an incident.
  • Tactical movement and spatial awareness.
  • With the seriousness of crime and firearms ever present,  as well as clients, we like to keep our staff safe and train them accordingly.
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