Sometimes the best way to avoid crime is by having an individual guarding your property and/or business. It is important to note that most thieves and criminal activity can be warded off by a simple shout or presence of an official guard.

Guarding services in South Africa have become an extremely effective method of protection – regardless of whether the guarding services are used at a residential estate or a shopping centre. This type of service not only helps protect your loved ones as well as assets but can also give you peace of mind as you know someone is constantly protecting your valuables.

How RSS security can help you

At RSS Security Services, the guards are all crosschecked. All of our guards receive extensive training to ensure a high calibre service. The guarding services provided by RSS are used at a number of shopping centres, public buildings, private buildings, residential property estates and private homes due to the following reasons:

  • Flexibility. No project is too small or too big to handle. RSS Security Services can protect individual VIP’s; ensure the security is tight at a large shopping centre while at the same time take on jobs that guarantee’s the safety of your home and/or business.
  • Expertise. RSS security services ensures that a high standard of guarding services will be implemented due to the fact that we employ only the best people with a specific set of skills.
  • International reach. The guarding services provided by these professionals stretch over three continents and are well established in South Africa, North America as well as the United Kingdom.
  • Extra mile. The professionals employed by RSS Security Services will go to extreme lengths to ensure your safety and will stop at nothing in order for you to get a good night’s rest.

Contact RSS Security for Guarding Services In South Africa.

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